Anderson Street is an episodic, conversational web series

Where did all the conversation go?

#atTheTable, we finally feel like we're not so alone. It’s a safe space for conversation, respect, and understanding in city (society? world?) that seems to be driven apart by these missing links. We want you to join us at the table if:

  • You think conversations & discourse happen behind a screen and rarely face to face

  • You seek to understand, as opposed to listening without hearing

  • You may have felt pressured/tense/afraid/uncertain to speak freely about what you believe in to your immediate circle

  • You feel that we've become more isolationist. Similar to little individual islands as technology has advanced

  • You believe so heartily in a value/belief that you find it preposterous that others should believe the opposite (you're an extremist, face it)

  • You didn't grow up sitting around a dinner table nightly talking about the goings-on of life, but kinda wish you did

  • You grew up sitting around a dinner table nightly and wish that was still a thing

  • You wonder if, you're the only one

Anderson Street is bringing the conversation back. We hope you join us #atTheTable.

We find ourselves always in need of a little help from our friends :)

If you’re interested in what we’re doing and want to assist, we could use it with: copywriting, social media research, connections to relevant people/organizations, connections to locations for filming. If anything else comes to mind, please reach out anyway and with a pertinent subject line!

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