Sex Stigmas & Taboos

Curating the AS table is the most tedious aspect of the series. Shocking, #production. Not only are we trying to figure out the best layout of the diversity at the table (is it gender, is it creed, is it ethnicity, is it sexual orientation, etc?), but also who is available AND who is willing? Hosting a web series, in which the visual aspect is the whole point, can be dicey as we deny an entire population of people that want to be heard, yet not seen. It's not friggen easy.

Additionally, when you propose a topic like sex, sexual education if you will, or stigmatization, one might think that everyone would be ready to hop on that bandwagon; but alas, we are ensconced in puritan and coquettish North America. Fortunately, I had a few people in my varying circles that were willing to give this topic a try. 

My thoughts were diversity in gender/sex and orientation as primaries, with ethnicity as the cherry on top. If I could conjure an ethnically diverse table, I'd have hit american express gold (or platinum, I guess), but it was more vital that the sexual orientations differed. I truly feel like we had one of the best curated tables for this episode with the experiences of: black straight man with a queer partner, gay white man that did not have a difficult coming out experience, straight white man that had a different road to losing his V card, juxtaposed with his new fiancee whom hopped in on the table at our break, white sexually fluid woman in an open relationship, a Southern Baptist raised queer woman in a polyamorous relationship, and of course, moi. 

This episode stands out most in the 20+ that we've filmed because of how resonant it was to my own table on the real Anderson Street. When Flex plopped down on my chair with me at the break and we all became shockingly more comfortable (maybe because everyone thought the cameras were off?), it was just like home. The conversation had been in NSFW territory, but then it hit a whole new level with graphic storytelling, lists, names (we had to edit those out, sorry) and the constant wine.