What is Digital Nomadding?

So, what the frig is a digital nomad? It’s a great question.

In this episode, we gather a relatively light hearted group of humans to chat about the pros/cons/wtf is it of the #workfromanywhere lifestyle. Dina worked and traveled on Remote Year with me, Nicole worked for said company, Rebecca/Flex had a NYC based flex schedule at her job and Coleman had never worked remotely and honestly, hadn’t given it much credence. The conversation is more a of how-to as opposed to any sort of controversial situation and we simply wanted to give it a try, since it’s the most common thread running through the Anderson Street team. Host, Viki, co creator Colton, editor Rachel, & audio maven Phil all lived and worked on Remote Year.

Lifestyle design isn’t particularly new, but it is part of a paradigm shift in employment, kudos to Tim Ferriss for coining the term. The idea that western societal life is simply: secondary school, uni, career, house, pet, marriage, children, retirement, high possibilities of heart attacks/stroke/high blood pressure/et al due to a career filled with stress, and then golfing or cruising (literally, on a cruise ship) into the afterlife. This tried and true constant societal norm is no longer cutting it for a whole mess of humans. Not just millennials either mis amigos! People of all ages, creeds, colors, and visa capacities. The world is a mighty big place and to stay behind when the cosmos of employment are changing in front of our eyes, would be negligent and outrageous, in equal measure.

So we delve into the ideas of the laptop lifestyle and the location independent realm, while also trying to accept that some people simply don’t want to equate remote working with the necessity of having to do so in say, Medellin or Bali or Patagonia. Some people just want the ability to work from their kitchen tables, where the coffee is always to perfection and the slippers are more comfy. That’s dope too and don’t let these #workhardanywhere types pressure you into feeling like you have to work overseas in order to be a digital nomad. Inaccurate and honestly, expensively limiting.

Do you, do it well, and start living a life of semi retirement so you never have to actually do so!