Oppression, Identity & Ni**atry

The idea for this topic arrived with the question from a homie inquiring, why can’t white people say nigger?

Oh. This is interesting.

Before going up to volume ten and going down the you-should-know-why road, I thought. How many non-melanated friends of POC were out there, unsure how to ask the same aforementioned question? Sure, they could Google and they could read any of the now copious books on white privilege, but sometimes people want to know from other people.

I suggested they watch both Insecure and Dear White People and brace themselves for an upcoming episode. What a pervasive notion and question. Instead of making it all about the etymological history of nigger, we decided that oppression and identity go hand in hand. While niggatry is a term that I grew up with, denoting all types of behaviors/slang/attitudes/et al that are typically associated with black people (men in particular); at least from my understanding. The triumvirate could produce some thought provoking, personal questions that may some people at the table had never given much thought previously.

The only ones that we were able to coax into engaging in a discussion that ended up focusing more on identity than anything else, were Karess, Nicole, Mark and Colton. All friends of mine, yet not of each other. The conversation is certainly a great way for those of you reading this, to get into this topic in your circles.

That’s the idea anyway. We offer no wrap ups or resolutions to hard conversations, we simply show how they can be provoked and what handling them can look like. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, you will be surrounded by people that are unlike you and that will want to be called names that you don’t expect. If you plan to navigate this society successfully, I suggest you start considering having some hard conversations with the people around you.

Thoughts and opinions, always welcome,