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Anderson Street

is a web series that invites everyday people to participate in insightful and empathetic conversations around seemingly taboo topics.


In today’s political and social landscape, groupthink is at an all-time high. While we have access to more information than ever before, people often feel siloed due to their unpopular opinions or questions surrounding politics, gender, religion and other “off-limit” topics.

Created by Victoria Cumberbatch and Colton Soref, Anderson Street seeks to create the space for provocative and occasionally uncomfortable conversations to take shape in a semi-public forum by tapping into a diverse community of thinkers. By bringing people around the dinner table to share a meal and engage in unscripted and honest conversations, we hope to encourage positive dialogue, foster deeper understanding and ensure that the marketplace of ideas continues to thrive.



Full Episodes


Episode 102 | Sex Stigmas & Taboos

Episode 103 | Digital Nomadding

Episode 104 | Free Speech

Episode 106 | Sexual Boundaries, Assault & Harassment

Episode 105 | Americans


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